Pune Management Association Paticipation

PMA Management

PMA invites your participation in various committees mentioned below. Our endeavour would be to encourage participation of as many members as possible. We are trying to establish better standards of management though such a social effort. You can participate in more than one committees. Both individual and institutional members (companies, trusts, societies etc) can participate.

  • PCMC Committee - This Committee is being established to start PMA’s Centre in this Area. Current members residing/working in this area, interested in helping PMA to organise the activities may write to us.
  • Young Managers Club - Members interested in innovative activities, programmes.
  • Lady Managers Club - Members interested in developing this wing.
  • Students’ Activities Committee – Student Members studying in various B Schools.
  • Management Teachers Club – Members working as faculty members in various B Schools
  • Area Development Committees – PMA intends to start more sub-centres at various locations – Industry or Institute. Initially one activity of a free and open lecture once a month is contemplated which we would help you to organize under your leadership. This subsequently shall be developed as full-fledged Centre. 

Management of City
  • Pune has, in recent years, acquired  a leading  place among the metro cities of the country, by  its rapid growth in the fields of  IT,  Auto Industry and  innumerable premier institutions of higher learning. It has also attracted  a large number of retirees from both across the country as well as  the NRI community, as the city offers  excellent climate and diverse  cultural activities of the highest level.

  • Rapid growth however, has brought in its trail complex infrastructural problems, which require a proactive approach  with comprehensive study by experts in all civic and state issues.
  • Moreover efforts by the administration to resolve the issues arising from growth,   without the people’s participation, are bound to fail.  Thus collaboration by the leading citizens and NGOs, with the civic authorities and elected  representatives  is a must if we are to cope with the problems associated with  growth.  Again the citizens will also have to  closely monitor the implementation of jointly evolved plans, and intervene without  hesitation if there is foul play at any stage.
  • Pune Management Association  will be participating in this process by offering cooperation to the authorities and  concerned NGOs  in this gigantic task facing the  leading citizens of Pune who feel concerned with the developing scenario.
  • Pune Management Association,  in association with Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth,  plans to hold a series of  monthly lecture cum discussion Seminars  on these issues before facing the Civic  Administration and the people of Pune in the coming decades.
Groups for Management Teachers, Lady Managers, Young Managers

The meetings of the groups shall be held every fortnight at PMA hall at convenient timing. Management Teachers, Trainers, Lady Managers, Young Professionals (members as well as non members) are invited to join these groups.
Interested may communicate their willingness thru eMail or telephone to the office.

Students Chapter


PMA has opened Students Chapters at various B Schools and Management Institutes with the help from Management of the Institute and Students. Interested institutes may contact for further action.

The activities will include:

  • Summer placement and guidance
  • Seminars by our expert members
  • Essay, presentation and book reading competitions
  • Business and career guidance
  • Event management
  • Visit to places of career interest
  • English speaking practice club

We will plan programs fitting to your academic schedule. Please contact on 9422318263


Subject Experts

PMA invites Members as Specialists in various subjects.

Since management is a vast field for applications, we will need specialists to conduct various training programmes review these areas in terms of important changes in concepts or their use, need to bring this to the notice of our members, through lectures or courses, establishing network with others in the field and represent to appropriate bodies our views on the subject.



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